Team Building activities are thrilling but sailing on a boat can help you to learn how to coordinate any organization. A regatta is fun and challenging, yet it also shows many similarities with leading a business. Try it!

Events Port Barcelona are experts in organizing regattas, pioneers in the city of Barcelona since 1997. Many companies have trusted us as organizers, among them are some of the biggest multinationals in the world: Microsoft, Bayer, Audi, Telefónica, Seat, Samsung, Adobe, etc. We have shared special moments with them in Barcelona and also have enjoyed the pleasure and benefits from sailing and learning how it relates to creating teams. It is a perfect event for groups from 15 people to 200.


We propose a sailing regatta in front of the city skyline. The crew takes on a five-mile course using the prevailing wind in different sail positions. The winner will be the best coordinated team using similar boats. The regatta course is marked by buoys and is known as a windward-leeward course.

To win the regatta, it is equally important to have a good yacht and a good crew. Organization is essential and each team member must know his role and how this relates to the others. At the end, the team which is more agile at carrying out the sailing maneuvers is usually the winner.



  1. Briefing
  2. Regatta
  3. ConclusionsCorn

Usual regatta procedure. Sailing starts on the land. The jury usually gives a short talk to all the participants in which the basic competition rules, course and tips are explained. This explanation is also given to everyone in a document for safety reasons. If the groups are already formed, the process is quicker.

As you can see in the picture the talk is usually given right in front of the boats in Port Olímpic de Barcelona. Events Port Barcelona has an expert skipper in each yacht. Once the talk is given they take their team to their boat and explain how everything works in a sailboat.

Boats meet at the starting line at the agreed time and the jury sounds a foghorn for the regatta to start. Let’s compete! The competition may last between 1 to 3 hours, depending on the wind, the number of boats participating and the customer’s wishes. Once the participants have completed several circuits the jury sets the finishing line. Then as each boat crosses it a victory blast sounds out the boat’s finishing position. This is noted down for the final regatta classification.

Back to port where a talk is given by a Team Building Specialist. He comments on the regatta and discusses with the teams the details of their performance. Conclusions are given and participants reflect on what they can apply to their workplace. Perhaps, new thoughts on leadership, team dynamics or the best ways to rely on each other in challenging times.

A team in a company and a team on a boat are sharing the same essential values: strategy, environment management, coordination and communication. Offering an experience on a boat will help develop train and strengthen group dynamics.

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