Our Outdoor Training plan pushes the Team Building to the maximum. We know by science research that people learn specially by performing. This means that an experience lived by an employee can be much more effective than a theoretical course on business. When we apply our nautical events to the meetings and conventions environment is when it makes more sense.

The Outdoor training was a technique with its origins after Second World War to boost people’s productivity. It has been applied to conflict resolution. In our case, it consists in a set of games or activities in open air (open sea). In a climate of confidence it is possible to approach topics such as communication, coordination and competition while performing a nautical activity. When we approach the sea environment, our motivation and our adaptation to unusual place is natural.

We see the horizon which relaxes us and a constant effort to continue moving around the boat is a perfect exercise. Risk may be present such as in daily life. But it is specially when we are out of our comfort zone that a nautical coach can help us in bringing out the best of us.



Living such an intense experience stimulates confidence and empowers a team to overcome new challenges. We see several benefits around the activity:


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