Events Port Barcelona is a company created in 2012 by Rodrigo Andrade, member of the Olympic Sailing Team in the 80’s and world champion on two occasions. Later, in the company Ronautica he was pioneer of nautical events in Barcelona during the 90’s.

Currently his work is focused in Barcelona at Port Olímpic, where different nautical activities are developed: education (Escola Port Barcelona), events (Events Port Barcelona) and renting and selling boats and moorings (Nàutica Port Barcelona).


100% - Sailing knowledge
100% - Fun
100% - Team Building
100% - Professional
0% - Lazy

Teammember Rodrigo Andrade
He is the head of the organization. He’s been in the nautical business for almost 30 years. Previously, he was in the Spanish Olympic team, where he won several competitions and world championships. Now he loves teaching sailing and organizing events.

Teammember Sara
Your Contact
She speaks several languages and will be your contact for all the event organization. Although her background is design she loves the sea. She was the last one aboard but is essential for managing international environments

Vision and values

Along with the other business lines from Nàutica Port Barcelona we want to remark several values we consider key to our practices..

1) TAILORED. After twenty years our only possible challenge is to satisfy customers by making tailored nautical events.

2) QUALITY. We want to give attention at the best level. We want to engage people into sailing and see their happy faces. We care about what’s human.

3) HERE/WORLD. We are a company with strong roots to its country and ecological environment. We want to project that to the world.

4) SPORT SPIRIT. We believe in the sport spirit, the self-improvement that it brings and integrity. Honest business is essential.

5) RESULTS. We commit to get the best results for our customers and collaborators. We are a network aiming at win-win.


– We inspire, co-create, produce activities with agencies and other specialists. Everybody is a piece of a puzzle.

– We want to cultive honest relationships with our collaborators and customers. We respect business.

– We care a lot about sustainable events and prioritize activities such as sailing where wind is key.

– We reply very fast. We can get back to you within minutes with a first proposal to your needs.

– We count on insurance for civil responsibility and if you wish for accidents.

– We have a key location: 20 minutes to the airport, easy parking, good restaurants nearby and immediate access to the sea.

– All the events we organize count on a civil responsability insurance and one for accidents.

– Our relationships are based on respect and commercial honesty. We are experts in nautics and providers of boats and activities to most agencies.

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